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The impossible quest for perfection

NunFor a short time growing up I wanted to be a nun. There was something about their piousness that fed my perfectionist tendencies – my need to always be good and loving. But in fourth grade at Catholic school one of my teachers was a yelling, patronizing nun so my notion that habit-clad women were perfect quickly evaporated. Besides that, I liked boys. So, I married my soul mate and became an etiquette consultant instead. Yes, it took me more than 40 years to do so, but I think there was something about the yearning to be perfect and good that still called to me. Continue reading “The impossible quest for perfection” »

Do we still need etiquette?

I was invited to be on The Boss Show to talk about the five workplace etiquette no nos that can derail your career. The fun hosts, Jim Hessler and Steve Motenko, and I had a delightful time discussing the no nos and teasing each other. Steve opened the interview by asking me if etiquette really mattered any longer.

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