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How curiosity strengthens connections

A client hired me for coaching because he wanted to feel more comfortable and be more successful when networking. Besides feeling uncomfortable in general when mingling, he mentioned that he didn’t know how to respond when people shared something he knew nothing about. He was afraid of looking ignorant or uneducated so he would change the subject. I talked about how sharing your ignorance about a job or topic is actually a great opportunity to connect with people. Continue reading “How curiosity strengthens connections” »

Conversation: The Fruit of Curiosity and Sincerity

men and women talkingThis is a guest post by Bob Taylor, a retired naturopathic physician and designer/builder and great conversationalist.

I can strike up a conversation with most anyone. That’s because I’m really curious. Curiosity is the great motivator that pushes me past my shy self. Continue reading “Conversation: The Fruit of Curiosity and Sincerity” »