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The ups and downs of umbrella etiquette

This is a guest post by Eric Mamroth, husband to Arden Clise and regular umbrella user.

Perhaps there is no better indicator of a changing Seattle than the proliferation of … umbrellas. Big ones, small ones, cheap ones or expensively fashionable, they are seemingly everywhere now. Clearly our Seattle City Council has left yet another gaping loop hole in some spuriously crafted ordinance. Yet, I found myself one very wet day walking to a meeting at some considerable distance – too short for transit, too wet for bike-share – wearing my nylon slicker and carrying a conference-swag umbrella. Continue reading “The ups and downs of umbrella etiquette” »

Don’t be a drip: Six umbrella etiquette tips

This is a guest post by Mary Morrison.

umbrellaI’ll get right to the point. I don’t have anything against umbrellas, I just don’t like them. It’s not fair, I know. Umbrellas don’t hurt people, people who have no awareness of their positions in space hurt people. When I worked downtown I developed an aversion to those suppliers of facial lacerations and honed my defenses like a prize fighter. I work at home now, my neighborhood more inclined toward hats and Northwest outerwear. My once catlike moves have evaporated and sadly, umbrella etiquette has gone the way of the dodo bird and land lines. Continue reading “Don’t be a drip: Six umbrella etiquette tips” »