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P’s & Q’s: 5 Tips to Get Your Child Writing Great Thank You Notes

This is a guest post by J.J. Mogan, a writer for Parchment.

Any parent knows that getting children to complete even the simplest tasks, such as putting pajamas in the clothes hamper or turning a light off when leaving a room, is near impossible. How then are we expected to teach wee-ones the seemingly abject habit of writing thank-you notes? Don’t despair. All hope is not lost! In fact, we have some very simple tips every parent can implement into their usual routine to get their kids not only writing the thank-you, but actually writing great thank-you notes (with very little effort on both parts!).

There is one caveat though (isn’t there always?!)…. It all depends on YOU. Yes, you, the grownup in this parent-child dyad. Tips can come, and tips will go; but unless the parent chooses to take the initiative, set examples by writing thank yous themselves, are consistent in their expectations of the child, and follow through with consequences if notes are not written – your children will continue to avoid completing this, and all chores, at any cost.

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