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Your work “uniform”

shorts and flip flopsImagine having your doctor show up to an appointment wearing shorts, flip flops and a dirty t-shirt. Or, what if your kid’s teacher showed up to class wearing a bathing suit? You no doubt would question both people’s sanity and good judgement. Further, worried they weren’t up for the job you might choose to see a different doctor or move your child to another teacher.

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Stiletto heels and other attire conundrums

I belong to several etiquette and image groups on LinkedIn. I like being able to share ideas and resources and to ask questions of the group about various etiquette and attire topics. The last question I posed to a group I started – The Image and Etiquette Consultants group – was “how high of a heel constitutes a stiletto heel?” It sparked quite a discussion. Continue reading “Stiletto heels and other attire conundrums” »