Etiquette Coaching

One-On-One Etiquette and Public Speaking Coaching

In our one-on-one coaching program you will learn the critical skills of professional protocol that make you shine as a leader in business. From workplace etiquette to communication and interpersonal skills, our program will lead to more success with clients and employees, and help you convey confidence in a myriad of professional situations.

Arden Clise works with established business leaders as well as individuals beginning their professional career with any aspect of etiquette, public speaking, communication and protocol.

Examples of those who have benefited from coaching include a young women transitioning from college to the professional world, a business owner wanting to improve his relationship building skills, someone new to the U.S. who needs to understand American business etiquette and cultural norms, and a sales person focused on strengthening his in-person networking skills.

Areas covered include:

  • Dining etiquette and business entertaining
  • In-person and online networking skills
  • Polished, engaging and confident public speaking skills
  • Networking and mingling with ease
  • How to be taken more seriously as a woman in the workplace
  • Understanding your communication style and how to more effectively work with other styles
  • Confident interview skills
  • Social media and social media etiquette
  • Appropriate attire for every business situation
  • Executive presence
  • Visiting and receiving clients
  • Running effective and productive meetings
  • Tech etiquette – email, phone, voicemail, instant messaging
  • Confident body language and non-verbal communication
  • Essential communication and conversation skills

Coaching takes place in-person at either the World Trade Center in Seattle or the client’s office. Meetings can be conducted via Skype if the client is out of town.

The amount of time needed for coaching is decided after a thorough needs assessment is conducted with the client over the phone. Typically coaching packages are three, five or eight hours long, with each session being no more than three hours. Coaching sessions include consulting, feedback and role plays.

If you are interested in the possibility of pursuing etiquette coaching I offer a complimentary 30 minute informational session. Contact Arden today to learn more about how coaching can help you be your best self.

Before working with Arden I was nervous meeting people for the first time and had low self-confidence. After our work together I am more willing to make the first move and be bold. This has opened the door to business. Working with Arden was a very positive experience for me. I learned things about me that I suspected. I also learned how to slowly correct nervous behavior into confidence.

Richard Artura