Highlights of Recent Press and Media Appearances

TV Appearances

Q-13 Fox News
Parents, it’s not too late to teach manners to your kids
KING 5, New Day Northwest
Party and mingling etiquette

KING 5 Evening Magazine
Business Etiquette Class at the Sorrento Hotel

KOMO 4 News
Facebook Etiquette



KSER, 90.7 Radio Show Segments
Little White Lies 9/30/2011
Supermarket Conversation Etiquette 9/16/2011
E-mail Etiquette 9/23/2011
The Perfect House Guest 7/22/2011
Cell Phone Courtesy 7/15/2011
Making Mistakes 7/8/2011
Listener Questions 6/27/2011
How To Be Likeable 6/20/2011
Twittiquette 6/13/2011
Job Interview Etiquette 6/6/2011
Listener Question 5/30/2011
Civility 5/23/2011
Navigating the Place Setting, 5/16/11
Burning Etiquette Questions, 5/1/11
Wedding Etiquette, 4/25/11
Poise, 4/18/11
Customer Service, 4/11/11
Kindness, 4/4/11
Conversation Etiquette, 3/28/11
Making a Positive First Impression, 3/21/11
Airplane Etiquette, 3/7/11
Office Meeting Etiquette, 2/21/11
Facebook Etiquette, 2/14/11
Sales Etiquette, 1/31/11
How to Conduct an Informational Interview to Find a Job, 1/24/11
New Year’s Resolutions to Move Your Career Forward, 1/17/11

Believing it with Barbara
I’m Thankful Radio Show
Business Etiquette 7/19/2011

Puget Sound Business Journal Articles

Select Print Articles, Quotes and Recent Guest Blogs

Real Simple Magazine
China Daily USA Weekly
Wall Street Journal
In-Flight Phone Etiquette: Experts Offer Suggestions (note, you need to be a WSJ subscriber to read the article)
Seattle Times, NW Jobs
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine
Clean Eating Magazine
The Perfect Party
Credit Union Management
More Than Forks and Knives
The Fremocentrist
The Working Chronicles
The Modern Manners Maven
New Jersey Business –
Give some gifts that can help them get ahead

Arden is available for media interviews on a variety of topics. Topic ideas include:
  • Facebook etiquette to keep you from being defriended
  • Airplane etiquette
  • Using LinkedIn to grow your business or find a job
  • Work the room like a pro at a networking event
  • How to gracefully juggle food and a drink at a networking event
  • The perfect handshake
  • Tipping dos and don’ts
  • Making an appropriate business introduction
  • How to introduce someone when you don’t remember thier name
  • Gracefully ending a conversation with someone
  • Sales etiquette
  • How to write a memorable thank you note
  • Digital diplomacy
  • When is it OK to send an evite for an event?
  • Hosting the perfect party
  • Being a great party guest
  • The dos and don’ts for the office holiday party