Group Classes for Children with Asperger’s

AspergersEtiquette & Social Skills Classes for Children and Teens with Asperger Syndrome

Does it seem like teaching your children manners is a losing battle? Have your kids tuned out or assume you’re just trying to make their life hard? We understand. Our classes teach table manners and social skills in a fun and accessible way. Our programs, focused on kids with Asperger’s, have been adapted to be more visual and concrete. Your children will understand and practice fundamental manners in a way they can easily absorb and appreciate the material.

We are currently only offering private classes as requested to groups of 8 to 10 children or teens. Contact us if you would like more information about setting up a group class.

We offer two topics:
Table Manners Essentials
The three-hour course covers introductions and handshakes, how to properly set a table, which utensil to use, how to hold them properly, how to eat certain foods and eat politely.

Tuition: $95 per child or teen, which includes a certificate of completion, a laminated place setting placemat and a three-course meal.

Social Skills for Social Occasions
This fun and interactive three-hour course covers host and guest dos and don’ts, conversation skills, party food manners, handling invitations and replies, gift giving and receiving and how to write a thank you note. The class culminates with a celebration party where the students will practice the skills they learned.

Tuition: $70 per child, which includes a certificate of completion, goodies and party food.

Instructor: The classes are taught by Lisa Iland Hilbert, an expert in teaching people with learning differences including Asperger Syndrome. See her full bio here.

Please see our cancellation policy at the bottom of this page. Before contacting us about a private class, please carefully read our Frequently Asked Questions below to ensure your child is a good fit for the class.

Frequently Asked Questions

My son/daughter has a mild learning difference, how do I know if a group class would be a good fit?
This class is taught by an instructor who is experienced teaching teens with learning differences including those with Asperger’s. Students who will benefit most from this format of instruction are those who are used to learning in a group format, mainstreamed in general education classes, are able to sit quietly and self-monitor their behavior, listen and maintain attention for a three-hour class, follow verbal and written instructions, and have an interest in learning about etiquette.

Who is this class not a good fit for?
This class is not designed for students who learn in a special education setting and need frequent redirection or direct prompting from an adult, cannot read or write, have limited spoken language skills, or have challenging aggressive or emotional behavior difficulties.

Are you going to talk about autism, or other disabilities in the class? 
No. This curriculum has been adapted to be more visual and concrete for learners with disabilities but the content is the same as our other children’s classes. We will not be disclosing or talking about learning differences or disabilities in the class. The focus is on making lessons on table manners and etiquette accessible to students with learning and sensory differences.

My teen chews with his mouth open, often loudly, and refuses to try new foods.  Will this class solve these issues?
No. While we will talk about the etiquette of eating with your mouth closed, taking small bites, and being polite about trying new foods, these issues may require individualized assessment and feedback from a specialist like an Occupational Therapist who is more familiar with the sensory and motor aspects of eating and chewing that are often a challenge for those with learning differences.

Dining Etiquette Place Setting Placemat

Each Modern Manners for Modern Children Part I: Table Manners and More participant will receive a laminated place setting placemat as part of the cost of the class. The Part II: Social Skills for Social Occasions class does not include a placemat.

You may purchase placemat(s) and add the cost to your registration fee when you register for a class. The purchased placemat(s) will be given to you at the class. Cost is $9.95.
Please be advised that photos and/or video are sometimes taken at our classes/camps and may be used in our marketing including but not limited to our website, newsletter and social media identities. By registering your child for a Clise Etiquette class or camp, you agree to allow photos of your child to be used in Clise Etiquette’s marketing including but not limited to our public internet marketing.

Children and Teen Class Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received 10 days before the class are 100% refundable. Cancellations received up to seven days before the class are refundable, minus a $30.00 registration fee. Cancellations received less than seven days before the class are not refundable. Fee may be applied to a future class. To cover the food and venue charges, if fewer than eight children are registered four days before the class, the class will be cancelled and refunds issued.

If you have questions about our children’s classes or camps please email arden (at)