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The message determines the medium: Dos and don’ts for event invitations

There are so many ways we can communicate with people – email, text, social media, instant message, phone calls and mailed notes. It can be confusing knowing what medium to use for event invitations. Just recently a friend received a birthday party invitation via a group text message. She thought it was a little odd that the invitation was sent via text given how casual and limited texting can be. It spurred a discussion on what is and isn’t an appropriate medium for event invitations. Continue reading “The message determines the medium: Dos and don’ts for event invitations” »

Five myths and a truth: Surprising wedding facts

wedding coupleCan you hear it? It’s the sound of wedding bells. It’s the time of year when many true loves become married.

My husband and I recently attended his nephew’s wedding in Philadelphia. On the plane I met two other people who were flying to attend weddings.  As we gear up for these joyous celebrations I thought it would be helpful to share some interesting and helpful wedding myths and truths. Continue reading “Five myths and a truth: Surprising wedding facts” »

Step away from your phone

tin cansTimes are indeed changing due to our relationship with our digital tools. What once was impossible is now possible because of our smart phones. We no longer need to wait until we get back to our home or office to make a call, look something up online or send an email. Smartphones, as well as tablets and laptops, have made all of this possible anytime. But here’s the rub, just because you can use your digital device anytime and anywhere doesn’t mean you should. Continue reading “Step away from your phone” »

A frightening epidemic

I'm SickThere is an epidemic spreading in the Northwest. It’s infecting people right and left and it’s a doozy. Haven’t heard about it? You may already have this disease and not even know it. It’s the RSVPitis epidemic. I’m telling you, it’s bad news. Continue reading “A frightening epidemic” »

How to handle those occasional etiquette dilemmas you will encounter

Husband and Wife FigurinesMy husband and I flew to Baltimore to attend his nephew’s wedding. I love weddings. I love spending time with family, being reminded of my love for my husband and seeing how different people organize a wedding. It’s always a wonderful time.

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Don’t turn wedding bells into wedding hell

Bride and groom cake topperA dear friend of mine is getting married in a week. I’m very happy for her and look forward to celebrating her wedding.

At her bridal shower she mentioned that she was dismayed by how many people had not responded to the wedding invitation. She stated that even when calling these people to politely ask if they would be attending her wedding they continued to be noncommittal, saying things like, “we probably will” or “we’ll let you know.”

This is just one example of bad wedding manners. Usually this time of year I get emails from strangers who are facing some wedding predicament they want me to referee. Nuptials bring up a lot of emotions. People can be at their best or their worst. Sadly, it’s often the latter.

Here are some wedding dos and don’ts. Continue reading “Don’t turn wedding bells into wedding hell” »

Evites, Facebook invitations, email invites! Oh my!

If you’re like me, you’re getting more and more invitations through Facebook. Sometimes the invitations are for small events, like birthday parties or intimate get togethers, others are big events where everyone and their sister is invited.

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Shower with care

This is a guest post by blogger Abby Reph.

The season of showering our friends with gifts and finger food is upon us. With it come a kaleidoscope of etiquette questions; after all, showers are one of those rare social occasions where few guests know anyone else at the event; awkwardness is nearly a guarantee. Here, a guide to navigating that minefield like a pro.

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Is it time to update the etiquette for addressing a married woman?

A few years ago, my sister addressed an envelope to my dad and step-mom as “Mr. and Mrs. John Clise”. That is the proper way to address an envelope to a married couple. However, my step-mother was not pleased with being called “Mrs. John Clise”. She stated she has her own identity separate from my dad. My sister meant no offense and was simply following envelope addressing protocol.

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Interesting etiquette facts you probably never knew

Did you know that the reason people clink wine classes during a toast is that back in the dark ages people heartily clinked their pewter mugs together to distribute any poison that might be in one of the cups? That way if someone was trying to poison someone, everyone would be poisoned, discouraging a person from attempting to do so.

I love knowing the history of certain practices and I find my clients enjoy knowing them too. So I thought I’d share a few other interesting etiquette facts.

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