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Naked yoga and other no nos when rooming with a coworker

Business travel can be a lot of fun or a real challenge. One aspect of business travel that can be nerve wracking is having to share a hotel room with a coworker. While you may know and even like your coworker on a business level, it’s rare to be personally close to your colleague, making the intimacy of a shared room somewhat awkward. Dressing, toileting, sleeping are all rather intimate aspects of our lives and most of us are not comfortable sharing those aspects with relative strangers.  Therefore, it’s important to be on your best behavior and mindful of your roommate’s comfort. Remember, this is still a business trip. What you might do with friends and family in your own home is probably not appropriate in a business setting. Continue reading “Naked yoga and other no nos when rooming with a coworker” »

Five business travel dos and don’ts

business-travelYour company is sending you to a conference in some sunny place. Lucky you! If this is your first business trip you may feel you’ve hit the jackpot with the all-expense paid trip – airfare, hotel, a per diem. But before you zip up your bag, be sure you’ve packed not only your sunscreen, but some common sense as well.

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Five tips for being a gracious house guest

welcome matEvery year I speak on dining and business etiquette essentials to a group of college students who are in a leadership program hosted by the University of Washington Women’s Center. The program is called the Alene Morris National Education for Women’s Leadership. It’s a six day intensive program that focuses on increasing women’s representation in leadership positions in the non-profit, private, and political sectors. The program teaches the women participants many important and essential skills that will help them to be great leaders.

In addition to giving the training my husband and I also hosted one of the participants in our home. Our house guest, Charlotte, was a smart, talented and interesting young woman. She also was a great guest. She made it easy and enjoyable to host her. Continue reading “Five tips for being a gracious house guest” »

What happened to the friendly skies?

transportationBoy, have things changed in airplane travel. A friend posted a video on Facebook about jet travel in the 1960s. Travelers were served seven course meals that might include caviar, roasted pheasant and lobster tail. Flight attendants were called Air Hostesses and they treated travelers as if they had been invited to dinner at their house. Passengers dressed up and actually looked forward to flying, which was a five star experience.

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