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Workplace lessons from the Seahawks’ Super Bowl loss

heartbreakWhile my heart is still heavy from the Seahawks losing the Super Bowl, I’m so darn proud of them. Watching the big game was an emotional roller coaster. Our boys played well against the talented Patriots but in the end we lost. And, it was a hard loss due to a controversial play call that many thought led to us not scoring the winning touchdown in the last 20 seconds of the game. Losing is a bitter pill to swallow. Continue reading “Workplace lessons from the Seahawks’ Super Bowl loss” »

Seven tips to navigate the company picnic

Family Standing Behind a Car at a Picnic SpotIt’s summer time and the living is good – vacations, casual clothes and the company picnic. Ah yes, that annual event fraught with many perils.

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Don’t throw food at the TV and other Super Bowl party etiquette tips

Did you know that about 20 million Americans will attend Super Bowl parties? That’s a lot of partying! With so many people celebrating, there are plenty of opportunities for etiquette mistakes.

I asked my Clise Etiquette Facebook fans for their Super Bowl party etiquette tips. I was amused by a few, shocked by others and agreed with most of them. Many of the tips were good reminders for any party. I’ve added in a few of my own guidelines.

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The shame of poor sportsmanship

I have bags under my eyes from staying up late watching the 2012 Olympics. It’s inspiring seeing these incredible athletes compete, knowing they have worked so hard to be an Olympic competitor. Witnessing their pride and emotion on the medal podium always brings tears to my eyes. Continue reading “The shame of poor sportsmanship” »