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Handling social media connection requests with grace and purpose

Ever feel confused about how to handle the many online connection requests you receive? LinkedIn, Facebook, Townsquared…the list goes on. You might wonder who you should connect with and if it’s okay to decline a request. People have different approaches to accepting requests but I thought I’d share my approach and why it works for me. Continue reading “Handling social media connection requests with grace and purpose” »

Four ways to promote your business on social media without spamming your friends

spamDo you have friends who post promotional messages on your social media sites? How do you feel about their actions? A Clise Etiquette Facebook fan asked me how to handle this. She wrote, “It seems that businesses that promote direct marketing (e.g. The Pampered Chef, Rodan & Fields, Jamberry, etc.) within people’s social networks are more popular than ever. My feelings about this range from annoyed to hurt when I find that what I thought was a social call turns out to be a sales call. How can I convey that I value the friendship but don’t welcome the pitch?”

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Handling online bullies

13670431_mlDo you remember the school bully – the person who made your life miserable through their taunts, insults and meanness? Sadly, it seems bullies don’t just exist in childhood. There are adult bullies everywhere, and many of them hide behind their computer screen.

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The new rules for today’s tools

As a girl, one of my favorite excursions was going to my grandma’s cabin on Whidbey Island. It was somewhat rustic and had just enough amenities to make it comfortable but still somewhat of an adventure. Continue reading “The new rules for today’s tools” »

A surprising benefit of LinkedIn

Reaching For A HomeA friend of mine recently moved from Seattle to San Diego. It was a big move. She left her job, her friends and her house to start a new life. Before she left, she looked for houses to rent online, and had a friend who lives in San Diego look at the more promising homes. She then submitted her application with a nice email. Continue reading “A surprising benefit of LinkedIn” »

LinkedIn Endorsements: Love them or hate them

Are you getting inundated with LinkedIn endorsements for skills you didn’t realize you had? Or perhaps you’ve received endorsements from people who have never worked with you, seen you speak or hired you. The whole LinkedIn endorsements thing has many people scratching their heads.

LinkedIn endorsements Continue reading “LinkedIn Endorsements: Love them or hate them” »

5 tips for asking for testimonials, recommendations or reviews

MP900382649[1]Because of social media we need to be careful to maintain a positive online reputation. And for those who are job searching or seeking clients it’s important we are easily found online.  One way people do this is to ask for LinkedIn recommendations. Business owners may also seek testimonials and positive reviews on Yelp, Google+, Bing and other sites. However, in the search for reviews and recommendations sometimes people forget their manners. Continue reading “5 tips for asking for testimonials, recommendations or reviews” »

Why LinkedIn?

InterviewI had the honor of teaching networking skills to South Seattle Community College students who enrolled in the Career Smarts program. Career Smarts, part of the Seattle Jobs Initiative, is a program that connects students with HR professionals to teach job related skills.

I taught four 30 minute classes on networking. Each time, I asked how many of the students were using LinkedIn. Usually only about one or two students raised their hand. And most of the participants had never heard of LinkedIn.

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The difficulty with discussing politics

I asked my Facebook page Likes for ideas on blog posts and several people mentioned discussing politics, especially in light of the recent presidential election.  Continue reading “The difficulty with discussing politics” »

Twitter dos and don’ts

Social media can be perplexing. Because it’s such a new medium, it can be hard knowing the etiquette for using the tools, especially when the developers keep changing the sites.

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