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The shame of poor sportsmanship

I have bags under my eyes from staying up late watching the 2012 Olympics. It’s inspiring seeing these incredible athletes compete, knowing they have worked so hard to be an Olympic competitor. Witnessing their pride and emotion on the medal podium always brings tears to my eyes. Continue reading “The shame of poor sportsmanship” »

Where will you be on April 29?

Since the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William is just around the corner I thought I’d share some fun facts about the wedding and royal weddings in general. By the way, isn’t it funny that Kate is always referred by her first and last name yet we just refer to the Prince as “Prince William”, no last name? I don’t think I even know what his last name is. Anyway, I digress.

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The Business of Bike Etiquette

This is a guest blog post by Eric Mamroth – cyclist, benefit auctioneer and wonderful husband to Arden Clise.

PT001226If you are following the Tour de France this year, you probably have an opinion on whether Alberto Contador should have waited for Andy Schleck when he had a mechanical problem.  Schleck dropped his chain while launching an attack on the final climb of Stage 15, and had to stop to repair the problem. Later, Schleck expressed anger by what he saw as a lack of “fair play”, and according to cycling etiquette, he says Contador and the other riders should have waited for him. He finished 39 seconds behind Contador, who now holds the overall lead by 8 seconds. 

There is bicycle etiquette in the world of mortal bicycle commuters too. The flow of motor vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic is based on some simple and basic rules of the road. Honor the right-of-way and the flow proceeds more or less smoothly; assuming and/or preempting that right-of-way creates confusion, contempt or worse.

When you pass a fellow cyclist stopped on the side of the road, slow to see if they need any assistance. Whether it is a novice commuter dealing with their first flat tire, or a veteran commuter who inadvertently left the tool bag at home on the workbench, it only takes a few minutes to help out. 

There will always be someone faster, and slower than you. Ride right, pass left, call it out if you can and with a smile if possible. Some of us measure ourselves in the “Commuter 500” everyday; others are content to roll along taking in the sights, sounds and smells. Like it or not, this is the world we bike in.


Eric Mamroth is a regular bicycle commuter, enjoys tandem touring with his wife, and can’t stop smiling during the cyclocross season.

The Academy Awards: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

As I do every year, I watched the Academy Awards with a few friends. We meet at one friend’s house, enjoy a potluck dinner and gab about the dresses, the emcee(s), the Academy winners and losers. This year had its usual fill of beautiful and not so beautiful moments. We can learn many etiquette lessons by watching the Academy Awards.  Here are my notes on the good, the bad and the ugly moments of this year’s show.

Let’s start with the “Bad”

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America The Uncivil?

It would be easy to assume civility is dead given the antics of a few people who should know better. Over the last week we’ve had a Congressman be disrespectful to the President, a tennis star show poor sportsmanship and a musician take away from another’s moment in the spotlight. What these three did was wrong and rude and lacked respect for others. It was enough to give anyone pause about where our country is headed. However, I think we are letting a few color the many and I argue there are so many gracious, kind and respectful people in this country, they just don’t get the coverage that the bad boys/girls do. Continue reading “America The Uncivil?” »

Not your grandmother’s etiquette

Hello and welcome to the Clise Etiquette blog, a place to discuss savvy and not so savvy decorum. Etiquette may sound like a stuffy or old fashioned topic, but it’s really just about making yourself and others more comfortable and successful by being respectful, kind and professional.

I am an etiquette consultant, speaker, trainer, coach and author of Spinach in Your Boss’s Teeth: Essential Etiquette for Professional Success. I share etiquette and protocol tips, stories and techniques that you can use to feel more confident, at ease and successful in the workplace and socially.

I invite you to share your thoughts and questions on the situations in life that confuse you, anger you, give you pause or make you proud. Please feel free to let me know if there are topics you’d like me to discuss or hear more about. Some of my best posts come from questions or stories readers share with me.

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