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What dogs can teach us about etiquette

Our beloved Sammie

Sammie, our beloved 13 year old dog, died recently. We miss her terribly. Coming home is a constant reminder of her absence. When she was alive, as I got out of the car, I would hear her come downstairs to greet me, tail wagging, big grin on her face. As she became sick, she wouldn’t always get up, but I’d always hear her tail thump, thump, thumping on the floor when she heard me come in the door.

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Dogs on the Loose

42-15120545I was recently walking around Greenlake with a friend on a sunny, therefore packed, day. Twice I encountered dogs that were running loose, their owners unconcerned.

In the first situation we were rounding a corner and I saw a dog running towards the water across the concrete path in a very congested area. A rollerbladder was flying around the lake when the dog ran right in front of him. One second earlier and the man would have careened into the dog and done serious damage to both. Thankfully, he was able to just miss the dog by rolling up onto the grass. The owner said nothing and looked as if she could care less.

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