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How curiosity strengthens connections

A client hired me for coaching because he wanted to feel more comfortable and be more successful when networking. Besides feeling uncomfortable in general when mingling, he mentioned that he didn’t know how to respond when people shared something he knew nothing about. He was afraid of looking ignorant or uneducated so he would change the subject. I talked about how sharing your ignorance about a job or topic is actually a great opportunity to connect with people. Continue reading “How curiosity strengthens connections” »

Eeek, there’s a bug in my borscht! Answers to common etiquette dilemmas

I first had the thought of teaching etiquette classes when I worked for Washington Mutual. My job at the time was managing sponsorships for non-profit events like breakfasts and lunches. Because the company often received a table at these events I had to fill them with willing WaMu employees. Not always an easy job. Inevitably, there would be a few people at the table who would look panicked at the multitude of utensils, plates and glasses. They weren’t sure which bread plate and glasses belonged to them at the crowded tables or which utensil to use first. I always felt badly for them. I knew if they learned a couple of etiquette tips they could feel more confident and would never be panicked again.

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Don’t leave people hanging: The importance of introductions

introductionsA friend of mine, I’ll call her Sue, was having a conversation with a couple she met at a party when a colleague walked up and interrupted her discussion. Her colleague Bill didn’t acknowledge the people she was talking to and spoke only to her ignoring the others. It made the people Sue was talking to feel unimportant and left out. She didn’t know what to do because Mr. Interrupter was focused solely on her and was dominating the conversation. Continue reading “Don’t leave people hanging: The importance of introductions” »

Conversation tips to make your holiday mingling easier

Making Toast at PartyIt’s the season of mingling and celebrating. That time of year when you may be attending holiday parties, family dinners and the company celebration. If these events fill you with dread, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with socializing with strangers or people they don’t know well even if they are family or coworkers. But small talk does not need to be challenging. Using a few tactics will make your conversations much easier. Continue reading “Conversation tips to make your holiday mingling easier” »

Why I’m not going to help you grow your business

spare referralsThis past week I got three requests for help. Asking for help is never impolite if it’s for the right reason. I’m quick to help people when I can. But when the request comes from someone who either I’ve never met or who I’ve met once, and they want my help growing their business for free, it’s impolite. Continue reading “Why I’m not going to help you grow your business” »

Show them the love

MP900440970[1]It’s Be Nice to Everyone month. In January, I wrote about 12 things you could do throughout the year to be a better person. February’s focus is to show everyone the love, in honor of Valentine’s Day.

When we show the same courtesy and respect to everyone, whether the receptionist at the office or your CEO, not only do we make others feel important, we become memorable to people. It doesn’t take much to show the love. Here are some ways to do so. Continue reading “Show them the love” »

Cocktail party food and drink finesse

When mingling at parties and networking events, have you ever struggled with juggling a plate of food and a drink? When you have a plate in one hand and a glass in the other it prevents you from shaking hands and you usually can’t eat, at least not gracefully. Thankfully there are a few things you can do instead. Continue reading “Cocktail party food and drink finesse” »

Four tips to make your holiday party mingling easier

Celebratory drinkThe holidays are here! Whether you’re attending the company holiday dinner or your neighbor’s cocktail party being ready for mingling with strangers or people you don’t know well will make the events much easier for you. Here are four tips to make your mingling stress-free. Continue reading “Four tips to make your holiday party mingling easier” »

Handshake alternatives for a germ-filled world

household cleaner with rubber gloves bucket and sponge..Today when I called my doctor to make an appointment for my annual exam the scheduler asked me several questions – “Have you been out of the country within the past 21 days?” “Have you been around anyone who has been out of the country within the past 21 days?” “Are you sick?” I knew immediately she was screening patients for possible exposure to Ebola.

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