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Thanksgiving (and other meals) dos and don’ts

turkeyCan you hear it? It’s the sound of busy hosts shopping, prepping and cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I’m thankful my sister is one of those hosts. She usually hosts Thanksgiving because she has the bigger house and bigger family. The rest of us get to enjoy the gourmet bounty and family gathering in exchange for bringing a dish or two. Lucky us.

Whether you’re hosting or attending the Thanksgiving gathering this year you may be challenged by a few etiquette dilemmas. Let me answer some of the common etiquette dilemmas that apply especially to the holidays but that are also useful for other gatherings. Continue reading “Thanksgiving (and other meals) dos and don’ts” »

Conversation tips to make your holiday mingling easier

Making Toast at PartyIt’s the season of mingling and celebrating. That time of year when you may be attending holiday parties, family dinners and the company celebration. If these events fill you with dread, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with socializing with strangers or people they don’t know well even if they are family or coworkers. But small talk does not need to be challenging. Using a few tactics will make your conversations much easier. Continue reading “Conversation tips to make your holiday mingling easier” »

Avoiding Thanksgiving manners mishaps and misunderstandings

Hungry Boy at the TableI love Thanksgiving. Not only are turkey, gravy and all the fixings my favorite foods but I love being with family and friends celebrating our blessings. However, with most gatherings over meals there are often manners mishaps and misunderstandings. To keep the peace I thought it might be helpful to share answers to some common dining, hosting and guesting (I made that word up, like it?) dilemmas. Continue reading “Avoiding Thanksgiving manners mishaps and misunderstandings” »

The gift of presence: A Thanksgiving message

Family at Thanksgiving

Family at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love the focus on gratitude and being thankful for the blessings in our lives. I love spending time with family that isn’t centered around gifts, rather that we share the gifts of our presence with each other. And I have to admit, I also love turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes and homemade cranberry sauce. Yum! Continue reading “The gift of presence: A Thanksgiving message” »

Seven tips for appropriate regifting

holiday sweaterThe presents are opened, the wrapping paper recycled and you might be wondering what to do with those gifts that aren’t quite something you want or need. According to a survey by 83 percent of respondents are okay with receiving a regifted gift. This surprised me. I personally am not a big fan of regifting because it feels dishonest and disingenuous to me, but I know the practice has gotten more acceptable. If you plan to regift there are several things to be mindful of before doing so.

Continue reading “Seven tips for appropriate regifting” »

Remember the holiday spirit

MP900285144[1]My favorite FedEx Kinkos store assistant was a bit grumpy about the holidays. He was not his usual cheerful and upbeat self. He explained that the company has been gearing up and talking about the holidays since July and he was looking forward to December 26 when all is calm, all is bright.

Continue reading “Remember the holiday spirit” »

Don’t forget the hostess gift

There is a funny Seinfeld episode where Elaine, George and Jerry are headed to a dinner party and Elaine mentions to Jerry that they need to stop and pick up a bottle of wine to bring as a hostess gift. George is perplexed by this and doesn’t understand why he should be expected to bring a gift to a party he’s been invited to. Elaine responds that “it’s rude otherwise.” George suggests bringing a bottle of Pepsi because he “doesn’t like wine.” If you feel as clueless as George about the tradition of hostess gifts don’t despair. Help is here. Continue reading “Don’t forget the hostess gift” »

Four tips to make your holiday party mingling easier

Celebratory drinkThe holidays are here! Whether you’re attending the company holiday dinner or your neighbor’s cocktail party being ready for mingling with strangers or people you don’t know well will make the events much easier for you. Here are four tips to make your mingling stress-free. Continue reading “Four tips to make your holiday party mingling easier” »

Further your career this holiday season

Celebratory drinkDespite what you may think, the holidays are actually a great time to further your career. That’s because it’s a time when we most interact with others, whether it’s mingling at holiday parties, flying to see family or friends or spending time with relatives or pals you don’t see very often.

So, whether you are building a business, looking for a job, or hoping for a promotion, take advantage of all of the potential connections you can make this holiday season.

Here are some tips to leverage this busy time. Continue reading “Further your career this holiday season” »

Get your holiday manners on

The holidays are here! As I was standing in a very long line at the post office this morning I reminded myself how stressful this time of year can be. Inside I was feeling impatient and angry at the everlasting queue, but I tried to focus on the positive rather than my irritation. I noticed the surprisingly well-behaved children waiting in line with their parents. I chatted with my friendly queue neighbor, and I reflected on how all of the business is good for the struggling USPS. Continue reading “Get your holiday manners on” »