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Seven tips for appropriate regifting

holiday sweaterThe presents are opened, the wrapping paper recycled and you might be wondering what to do with those gifts that aren’t quite something you want or need. According to a survey by 83 percent of respondents are okay with receiving a regifted gift. This surprised me. I personally am not a big fan of regifting because it feels dishonest and disingenuous to me, but I know the practice has gotten more acceptable. If you plan to regift there are several things to be mindful of before doing so.

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Don’t forget the hostess gift

There is a funny Seinfeld episode where Elaine, George and Jerry are headed to a dinner party and Elaine mentions to Jerry that they need to stop and pick up a bottle of wine to bring as a hostess gift. George is perplexed by this and doesn’t understand why he should be expected to bring a gift to a party he’s been invited to. Elaine responds that “it’s rude otherwise.” George suggests bringing a bottle of Pepsi because he “doesn’t like wine.” If you feel as clueless as George about the tradition of hostess gifts don’t despair. Help is here. Continue reading “Don’t forget the hostess gift” »

A fun way to stand out from the crowd

MP900309183[1]There is nothing better than getting a handwritten card in the mail. It’s the first piece of mail I open and it’s usually the last item I recycle. In fact, I usually hold onto hand scribed notes for at least a few days, and every time I see the card I think of the person who sent it to me.

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How to handle those occasional etiquette dilemmas you will encounter

Husband and Wife FigurinesMy husband and I flew to Baltimore to attend his nephew’s wedding. I love weddings. I love spending time with family, being reminded of my love for my husband and seeing how different people organize a wedding. It’s always a wonderful time.

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Keys to Memorable Giveaways that Prospective Clients Will Love

This is a guest post by Molly Gordon, MCC. We’re shaking it up with a post that isn’t etiquette related. Enjoy.

Whether you do business online or off, free gifts have the potential to establish credibility, demonstrate value, and build trust. But not all giveaways are created equal. Here are some keys to creating giveaways that propsective clients and customers will love. Continue reading “Keys to Memorable Giveaways that Prospective Clients Will Love” »

Holiday gift giving and tipping

There is often confusion about who we should give gifts and holiday tips to. The most important aspect of gift giving is that it comes from the heart and you give to express thanks and appreciation, not out of obligation or because you received a gift. Here are a few of the most frequent gift giving situations.

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The houseguest who is invited back

I asked my Facebook friends for etiquette dilemmas or issues they wanted me to address in my next blog post. One person asked me to speak to the etiquette of being a houseguest. She asked, “What do you do with the bed linens when you’re leaving? If you’ve been there more than 3-4 days how much cleaning do you do, IE, bathroom? If you wake up early, do you get up and move around or wait for the host and vice versa?”

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Shower with care

This is a guest post by blogger Abby Reph.

The season of showering our friends with gifts and finger food is upon us. With it come a kaleidoscope of etiquette questions; after all, showers are one of those rare social occasions where few guests know anyone else at the event; awkwardness is nearly a guarantee. Here, a guide to navigating that minefield like a pro.

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Gag gifts gone wrong

I enjoy giving gifts, especially when I pick just the right item and the recipient is thrilled with the present. Because of this, I’m not a fan of white elephant gift exchanges. It seems wasteful to give people gag gifts or gifts no one wants. It can also be offensive if a risqué gift is given in the workplace or with anyone but good friends.

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Shower Me With Money

There is an advice column I read in the Seattle Times called “Ask Amy”. This past Sunday’s advice seeker stated he and his wife received a wedding shower invitation where not only was a cash gift requested but a dollar amount was specified. “Perturbed in Seattle” felt it was very bad etiquette, while his wife felt it was more acceptable this day and age. Amy stated they were both right.

Asking people for money, especially a specific amount is rude and in bad taste. It says “I’m greedy and I only care about you for your money.” Wedding showers, baby showers and bridal showers are held to “shower” the guest of honor with gifts, but to blatantly ask for money is not appropriate. Instead, those attending the party should ask the host if the bride (and groom) have registered somewhere or if they need anything in particular.

And, speaking of hosting, a mother or close family member should never host a bridal shower, as it would appear greedy for the family to ask for gifts for their own family members.

Unlike a wedding, If you decline a bridal shower invitation you do not need to send a gift.

It may be the 21st century where things are a little less formal, but it will never be proper to ask for money or gifts in a shower or wedding invitation.

Readers, what has been your experience with this? Have you been the recipient of a shower invitation asking for money or gifts? How did you feel about this?