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Do you practice these eight social niceties?

We’ve all heard the saying “You don’t know what you don’t know.” I’m reminded of this quote often when people share with me their etiquette annoyances or faux pas stories. So often a person’s misstep is simply due to not knowing that their behavior is inappropriate. Or they aren’t aware of the proper way to do something. For instance, when I was talking to a client she asked me to share in the training that people should not pass in front of others. Apparently, this is something she has experienced when out and about at her work and it annoys her.  So, for everyone out there who doesn’t know what they don’t know, here are some social niceties that will make your social and business encounters a little, well, nicer. Continue reading “Do you practice these eight social niceties?” »

Six ways to tame a picky eater

Is your child a picky eater? Do you find yourself being a short order cook just to get your little one to eat something, anything? If so, it’s time to stop the madness. Being finicky is not a condition you have to live with and it’s not something that is hardwired into your kids. Here are tips for avoiding having a selective eater or turning one around to being more open to different foods. Continue reading “Six ways to tame a picky eater” »

Online Etiquette: Make Sure Your Child Knows What It Means to be a Cyber Bully

Contribution from Jenny Holt, a freelance writer for several health magazines.

Gone are the days of a single school bully extorting lunch money in the schoolyard. Bullying is no longer confined to school or even physical interactions. Kids have constant access to technology, which has also become a new playground for bullies. Continue reading “Online Etiquette: Make Sure Your Child Knows What It Means to be a Cyber Bully” »

A lesson from toothpaste

Toothpaste-Tube-RedWhiteBluePasteMy fabulous children’s manners teacher, Jan Townsend, forwarded me a Facebook post written by someone I don’t know. The author’s name is Amy and I was both excited and moved by her words. In her post she talked about teaching her daughter, who was entering middle school, about kindness. To teach the lesson, she had her daughter Breonna squeeze out a bunch of toothpaste from a tube and then instructed her to put it back in the toothpaste tube. Her daughter protested and said she couldn’t and that it wouldn’t be like it was before.  Amy waited for her daughter to finish and then taught the kindness message. This is what she said to her daughter: Continue reading “A lesson from toothpaste” »

The importance of teaching your children to say hello

child greeting adultWhen I was a child I was very shy, and was uncomfortable greeting and conversing with adults. However, my mother would always make a point of introducing me to people she encountered and would encourage me to look at the adult and say hello. As I got older, while still shy, I became much more comfortable greeting adults without my mom’s prompting.

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National Etiquette Week: Forks and fingers

26839117_sDid you know May 12 to 16 is National Etiquette Week (NEW)? Yep, etiquette gets its very own national recognition. It’s not just about using the right fork at a meal, the focus of NEW is to call attention to the importance of courtesy, civility and kindness and practicing good manners in all aspects of our lives.

I’m reading a book called From Hand To Mouth, Or, How We Invented Knives, Forks, Spoons, and Chopsticks & The Table Manners To Go With Them. It’s really quite interesting how our eating habits and utensil use changed over the centuries. The fork wasn’t widely used until the mid-1600s. Until that time food was eaten with one’s fingers and a sharp knife. Continue reading “National Etiquette Week: Forks and fingers” »

Are we teaching children to be disrespectful?

I occasionally teach children’s etiquette classes and I always introduce myself as Ms. Clise to the children. When I ask the kids in my class how they address their teachers and their parents’ friends the majority of them say they call these adults by their first names. I’m continually shocked by this.

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Teaching children table manners

Guest post by Sarah Morris on behalf of Primrose: preschools with a well-rounded curriculum and a passion for educating children.

The art of tables manners will always be in fashion and can add great value to the lives of your children if taught properly. Proper manners travel far beyond “please” and “thank you” in that they demonstrate respect for the others around you. By concentrating on table manners, you can teach your children to pay the proper attention and respect that adults and their peers deserve. Of course, one of the best ways to teach good behavior is to model it. Sitting down to a relaxing dinner and modeling proper etiquette will go a long way in the instruction of your children.

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P’s & Q’s: 5 Tips to Get Your Child Writing Great Thank You Notes

This is a guest post by J.J. Mogan, a writer for Parchment.

Any parent knows that getting children to complete even the simplest tasks, such as putting pajamas in the clothes hamper or turning a light off when leaving a room, is near impossible. How then are we expected to teach wee-ones the seemingly abject habit of writing thank-you notes? Don’t despair. All hope is not lost! In fact, we have some very simple tips every parent can implement into their usual routine to get their kids not only writing the thank-you, but actually writing great thank-you notes (with very little effort on both parts!).

There is one caveat though (isn’t there always?!)…. It all depends on YOU. Yes, you, the grownup in this parent-child dyad. Tips can come, and tips will go; but unless the parent chooses to take the initiative, set examples by writing thank yous themselves, are consistent in their expectations of the child, and follow through with consequences if notes are not written – your children will continue to avoid completing this, and all chores, at any cost.

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The Five Essential Manners Your Child Needs to Succeed

Photobucket I had the honor of being a guest on the 24/7 Moms webcast with the founder Trisha Novotny. I talked about the five essential manners you child needs to succeed.

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