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Five lessons from Craigslist for job applicants

craigslistMy husband and I are turning our media room into a guest room so we have been both buying and selling items on Craigslist. Craigslist is truly a great way to find and sell items at a reduced price. It can also be a lot of fun to meet interesting people. But, it has its down side too. Unfortunately there are many rude, clueless and dishonest people who use Craigslist. If being a Craigslist buyer or seller was akin to looking for a job, most of these people would never get hired. They would be perpetually unemployed.

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The power of informational interviews

Cups Under Espresso Machine PortafilterIf you’re looking for work, one of the best ways to find a job is through informational interviews. Many jobs are not posted; instead, companies rely on their network to get the word out about open positions. Continue reading “The power of informational interviews” »

Informational Interview Etiquette Answers

Cups Under Espresso Machine PortafilterI received a very nice email from a graduate student who was seeking answers to coffee meeting and informational interview etiquette dilemmas. He wrote:

I found your “Coffee Date Dilemmas” (blog post) very informative and helpful, with its consideration of small but important details, and enjoyed browsing your blog.

I do have a few follow-up questions, if you have a moment.

I’m a graduate student at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and was recently introduced via email to a few contacts in the industry. I’m meeting them for a basic informational interview to better understand roles in the industry, and to possibly parlay the meetings into an internship in the summer.

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Dear Ms. Clise

MP900387606[1]When people I haven’t met first email me they often address me as Ms. Clise. It always takes this casual Seattle gal by surprise. I understand why people are addressing me in a formal way; they assume it is the proper thing to do with someone who teaches etiquette.

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Texting, texting, 1, 2, 3

Recently, I received an email from a colleague who said a hiring manager from a large, somewhat conservative company, texted her the information on her interview. She responded via email because she thought texting him back would be too informal. She emailed me to ask if that was the correct thing to do. I responded it was.

Normally, it is proper etiquette to respond the same way someone contacts you, but in the case of a potential employer, I don’t think it’s ever proper to text. It’s simply too casual. Further, I don’t think it’s acceptable for a potential employer to send a text message to a candidate. It would make me wonder how professional the organization is if they are texting a candidate about a job.

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Interview tips to land the job

Spring is a great time to make changes and that includes a job change. The economy is getting better and better and I’m seeing a lot more job postings out there. Here are some tips for making sure you are a stand-out candidate who gets the job offer.

Do your research on the organization. Look at the company’s profile on LinkedIn to see some of the employees, who has been hired or left the company, and any company information. Look at the LinkedIn profile of the person you’re interviewing with. Hopefully you can see at least where they worked and went to school — great fodder for small talk.

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Job Search Etiquette

42-16033696I asked my Facebook fans for ideas for a blog post and got some really good questions. They were focused on job search etiquette.

Q. When meeting a potential employer for coffee or a meal to discuss the possibility of working together who picks up the tab? And how do you handle the awkwardness when the check is delivered?

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