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How to impress others through four simple acts

Idaho bike rideMy husband and I recently returned from a week-long 450 mile bike tour in Southeast Idaho. We joined about 300 other people on the tour organized by Bicycle Rides Northwest. This was our fourth excursion with the company and, as always, we had a lot of fun.

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“On your left.”

Today is Bike to Work Day, a Cascade Bicycle Club event in the Puget Sound area. Many bike advocacy organizations organize bike to work days throughout the United States and Canada in the spring to encourage bike commuting. It’s part of Bike Month.

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Lessons Learned from RAW

Day One in front of a bell of some sortMy husband, Eric, and I just returned from a weeklong bike tour through Eastern Washington. The bike ride, called Ride Around Washington or RAW was organized by Cascade Bike Club. There were about 230 people on the tour.

We had a wonderful time. We saw parts of Washington we’ve never seen before, the ride had plenty of character-building challenges and we rode through some spectacularly beautiful areas. More pictures below.

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