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Your work “uniform”

shorts and flip flopsImagine having your doctor show up to an appointment wearing shorts, flip flops and a dirty t-shirt. Or, what if your kid’s teacher showed up to class wearing a bathing suit? You no doubt would question both people’s sanity and good judgement. Further, worried they weren’t up for the job you might choose to see a different doctor or move your child to another teacher.

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Do you have a career worthy wardrobe?

In January, I wrote about the 12 actions you could take to be a better person in 2015. Each month had a different focus. March’s focus is to spruce up your wardrobe.

clothesAs Mark Twain wisely said, “Clothes make the (wo)man.” Indeed they do. In the workplace people who are dressed professionally gain more respect than folks who dress more casually.

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12 months to a better you

New YearIt’s the New Year, that time when everyone looks forward to a fresh start. Many people make resolutions such as lose weight, exercise more and eat better. Those are all worthy goals, but what if instead you focused on being a better person? A person who made great first and lasting impressions and who was more likeable? Seem daunting? Sure, if you had to make a bunch of changes all at once it would be overwhelming and it would be hard to be successful. Instead, I encourage you to focus on one change each month. At the end of 2015 I guarantee you’ll be a better, more likeable person. Continue reading “12 months to a better you” »

Stiletto heels and other attire conundrums

I belong to several etiquette and image groups on LinkedIn. I like being able to share ideas and resources and to ask questions of the group about various etiquette and attire topics. The last question I posed to a group I started – The Image and Etiquette Consultants group – was “how high of a heel constitutes a stiletto heel?” It sparked quite a discussion. Continue reading “Stiletto heels and other attire conundrums” »

What we can learn from a craigslist ad

My husband and I are big fans of Craigslist, both for selling and buying. We really like the concept of keeping usable items out of the waste stream and letting others enjoy them. Why buy new when there are so many great items in perfect condition on craigslist? Plus, you save so much money buying used items over brand new items. Continue reading “What we can learn from a craigslist ad” »

2012 Academy Awards Musings

On the red carpet, actress Maya Rudolph shared her Oscar advice with Tim Gunn, “have good posture. Stand up straight, shoulders back.” Sage advice for anyone, whether posing in your Academy Awards finery or giving a presentation to clients. Good posture communicates confidence and makes you look more elegant and self-possessed. Continue reading “2012 Academy Awards Musings” »