A fun way to share your gratitude

Thanksgiving feastDo you have the tradition of sharing what you’re thankful for at Thanksgiving? I’m usually the instigator of this practice in my family and they often groan and tease me for being so predictable. But, I don’t care because what I love most about Thanksgiving is taking the time to reflect on what we are grateful for in our lives.

Usually you hear the same things – I’m thankful for my husband, wife, kids, health, my freedom, etc. And perhaps that’s why people resist doing it because it’s usually the same few things we’re grateful for.

But, last year we tried something different. Everyone wrote anonymously one thing they were grateful for on a slip of paper. We then put all the slips of paper in a basket, mixed them up and then you drew one, read it and passed it on so that everyone got to read all of the gratitude slips. You then had to decide who wrote what. The person who correctly guessed the most statements won. I don’t think we had a prize other than saying “nice job” to the winner.

It was a lot of fun because people got creative about their one thing so that others couldn’t tell who wrote the statement. I wrote that I was grateful for the heated seats in my car. The only person who correctly guessed that was my statement was my husband because he knows how much I love my heated seats.

So, if you want to mix up your gratitude practice at Thanksgiving this year give this activity a try. I guarantee it will bring some laughs.


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