Watch your cell phone ps and qs

Do you know that what makes hearing a cell phone conversation so annoying is you’re only catching half of the conversation? It’s called a halflogue, and the reason it’s so distracting is you can’t establish a rhythm like you can when hearing a monologue or dialogue.

 July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month so I thought I’d share some cell phone etiquette tips.

  • The person in front of you gets priority over your mobile phone. Never pick up your phone and answer it when you’re meeting with someone. It’s very rude and makes it uncomfortable for the person sitting with you.
  • If you are expecting an urgent call, let the person you’re meeting with know when you first sit down. If the call comes in, excuse yourself and take it away from your friend.
  • Don’t talk on your phone in public places. If you must communicate something text it unless you’re at a movie theater or performance of some kind where the lights on your phone will distract others.
  • Be courteous to those who are helping you. Don’t talk or text when you’re at the register being helped by the barista, sales clerk or bank teller.
  • Resist being tempted to answer, check email or texts on your phone by silencing it and putting it out of sight.
  • Avoid cell yell. There is no need to yell into your phone. I can hear you now!
  • Take a break from your phone. Nothing is so important you have to be at its beck and call 24/7. Allow yourself to truly be in the moment, whether that’s having lunch with a friend, driving your car, taking a walk, etc. It’s no wonder we’re so stressed out. We’re always multi-tasking, never allowing ourselves to have a quiet moment or a present moment with others.

Let’s end cell phone rudeness. Feel free to share this with others and spread the word about National Cell Phone Courtesy Month.

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