Test Your E.I.

Test your E.I. (Etiquette Intelligence)

1. What do you say if you have to introduce two people and can’t remember one person’s name?

a. “I can’t remember how to pronounce your name. Will you remind me?”
b. “Do you know one another?”
c. “Forgive me, will you please tell me your name again?”
d. Nothing and hope they will introduce themselves.

2. When someone toasts you at a business dinner what should you do?

a. Stand up and give a short speech.
b. Say thank you and take a sip of your drink.
c. Lift your glass in appreciation and toast yourself.
d. Smile and do nothing.

3. In business, when a man and a woman are introduced.

a. The man should wait for the woman to extend her hand for a handshake.
b. Both the man and woman should reach out to shake hands.
c. The man should loosely shake the woman’s hand.
d. They should say “hello” and not shake hands.

4. To ensure your name tag is easy to read, where should you put it?

a. Below your right shoulder.
b. On your hip.
c. Below your left shoulder.
d. Around your neck.

5. How do you make a proper business introduction?

a. Say the name of the company president first (“Mary CEO, this is Joe Client”).
b. Say the name of the client first (“Joe Client, this is Mary CEO”).
c. Do nothing and let them introduce themselves.
d. Say “Joe, Mary, consider yourselves introduced.”

6. When is it appropriate to take a cell phone call during a business lunch?

a. After excusing yourself and going to another part of the restaurant.
b. Only when you make the call very brief and apologize to your lunch mates.
c. Never.
d. When the call is from someone important.

7. You realize you forgot a lunch date with a business associate. What do you do?

a.Send a gift card for lunch with your sincerest apology.
b. Send flowers with an apology.
c. Send a note or email of apology.
d. Call and set up another lunch date, with sincere apologies.

8. When you have to introduce a speaker what do you do after you introduce them?

a. Immediately sit down.
b. Wait until they are halfway up to the stage and then sit down.
c. Walk to them in the audience and hand them the microphone.
d. Wait until they are at the lectern and shake their hand, then sit down.

9. When entering a cab with a client what do you do?

a. Let him or her get in first to sit behind the driver.
b. Get in first so the client sits curbside behind the passenger seat.
c. Open the passenger seat door and have him or her sit next to the driver.
d. Ask the client where s/he wants to sit.

10. When attending a business or social networking event what’s the best way to meet people?

a. Introduce yourself to someone standing alone.
b. Walk up to two people who are conversing quietly and introduce yourself.
c. Walk straight to the buffet or bar.
d. Bring a friend so you have someone to talk to.

11. In a restaurant what do you do if you drop your fork?

a. Pick it up, wipe it off and use it.
b. Leave it and ask the waiter for a new fork.
c. Pick it up and ask the waiter to bring you a new one.
d. Grab a fork from another table.

12. At a business lunch, when can you begin talking business?

a. After everyone at the table has placed their order and exchanged pleasantries.
b. After you have finished the entrée.
c. When dessert is served.
d. After a few minutes of small talk when everyone is seated.

13. At a business meal meeting of six or less people, when can you begin eating?

a. When at least one other person has been served.
b. When someone else starts eating.
c. As soon as you’re served.
d. When everyone has been served.

14. After a job interview what is the proper thing to do?

a. Send a handwritten thank you note to your interviewer.
b. Call your interviewer the next day to thank them for their time.
c. Email them and tell them all the reasons you should be hired.
d. Do nothing and wait until you hear from them so you don’t come across pushy.

15. When is it OK to put someone on speaker phone?

a. When you are sure no one is listening.
b. When you have to look things up online.
c. After you have asked permission from the person on the line.
d. When you’re the CEO.

16. What is the best way to follow-up with people after meeting them at a networking function?

a. Invite them to connect on LinkedIn by personalizing the connection message.
b. Invite them to be friends on Facebook.
c. Email them and ask if they would like to come to a company presentation.
d. Like their Facebook page and post messages about your business on their page.


1. c
2. b
3. b
4. a
5. b
6. c
7. d
8. d
9. b
10. a
11. b
12. a
13. d
14. a
15. c
16. a