Test Your E.I.

Test Your EI (Etiquette Intelligence)

* 1. What do you say if you have to introduce two people and cannot remember one person's name?
* 2. When someone toasts you at a business dinner what should you do?
* 3. In business, when a man and a woman are introduced...
* 4. To ensure your name tag is easy to read, where should you put it?
* 5. How do you make a proper business introduction when you introduce a client and your company CEO?
* 6. When is it appropriate to take a cell phone call during a business lunch?
* 7. You realize you forgot a lunch date with a business associate. What do you do?
* 8. When you have to introduce a speaker what do you do after you introduce her?
* 9. When entering a cab with a client what do you do?
* 10. When attending a business or social networking event what’s the best way to meet people?
* 11. In a restaurant what do you do if you drop your fork?
* 12. At a business lunch, when can you begin talking business?
* 13. At a business meal meeting of eight or less people, when can you begin eating?
* 14. After a job interview, what is the proper way to follow-up?
* 15. When is it okay to put someone on speaker phone?
* 16. What is the best way to follow-up with people after meeting at a networking function?