Praise from Clients

Corporate Training

“Thank you Arden for a great training. The management team is still talking about it. We loved how interactive it was and that it allowed the managers to get to know each other better. I see others practicing some of the things you covered including using I statements and creating agendas for our meetings now. People are more mindful of how they behave and treat each other. I’ve also seen an increased effort for managers to introduce staff when orienting a new employee. It was a really useful and fun training and we look forward to having you back soon.”

Suzie Van Eecke
Human Resources Manager, Hill Aerosystems

“Arden was a joy to work with from our first communication to the follow-up debrief. She worked with us to understand our culture and our budget. She did one session for two groups of our employees.
Her engaging, interactive style was great. Early sign-ups showed more people scheduled for the first session than the second. But after Session #1 word spread during lunch and Session #2 was packed, every seat full. That was evidence enough for me that Arden had hit the presentation out of the park.
It’s been a week since the session and each day someone has thanked me or commented on how great it was to have Arden work with our company. We’re already looking for an opportunity to have her back.”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
Kerby Court
Staff Coach, Logos Bible Software

“After hearing Arden speak at a Credit Union networking event, we hired her to train the entire company on making a great impression, networking and digital diplomacy. We were expecting four hours of a lecture type presentation, instead it was a very interactive, enjoyable and informative training. Several participants commented how much they enjoyed the training. Arden also gave us suggestions for how we can reinforce what was learned in the training.
We’ve already hired Arden for another training on using LinkedIn and plan on hiring her for a third training on communication styles. Arden is a great trainer.”
Sandy Jenkins
Vice President of Training, Member Access Pacific

“I had the pleasure of meeting Arden at one of her business etiquette presentations. When I was looking for a consultant to polish up our business etiquette for an upcoming trade show, there was no question who to hire. Arden did a fantastic job of preparing us for running a booth professionally.
Arden is a highly knowledgeable and skilled trainer. She is particularly gifted in training people who want to make memorable and winning first impressions.”
Diane Haensel
CEO, Front Panel Express

“We hired Arden to give a 2 hour presentation on Networking Etiquette for our junior and senior students at Pacific Lutheran University. We had a very successful event with good participation and feedback from the students. A week later, we had a follow up event for the students to practice with employers at a networking event and I observed the students using their newly gained skills with confidence!
Arden’s presentation had just the right balance between information and activities for the students to practice what they learned. She is an artful communicator with excellent interpersonal communication skills especially when responding to the participants. It’s not always easy to hold students’ attention, and she was very skillful at it. You could hear a pin drop.
Some of the comments students shared on their evaluation of the event were:
“well worth my time,” “can’t wait to utilize what I learned,” “practicing was uncomfortable at first, but your format made it easy to relax as it went on,” etc.
We had a debriefing conversation with Arden after the event and I can truly say I was very pleased with the whole experience from beginning to end. Arden is very experienced and a professional. She listens well to what her client wants and delivers beyond expectations. I would hire her again and I recommend her for any audience.”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
Ruth Rogers
Director of Career Development and Student Employment, Pacific Lutheran University

“We hired Arden to conduct a business meal tutorial for our sales staff. Because we do business with people from Japan and Germany we asked Arden to also discuss business etiquette for those countries. Arden’s presentation was wonderful. She shared very useful information in a fun and personable way. Our staff learned valuable skills that will help them be more successful and comfortable in their jobs.”
Top Qualities: Personable, On Time, Creative
Jeff Razwick
Vice President Business Development, Technical Glass Products

“I worked with Arden to coordinate a formal Etiquette Dinner in December 2010. The dinner was offered to our new cohort of students as part of their Orientation.
As working professionals, our students greatly benefited from Arden’s presentation. She provided a comprehensive program that touched on our students’ needs, and her presentation style was interactive and easy to follow. The students enjoyed her blend of creativity and expert knowledge. Arden is a true professional and has a friendly personality that makes her easy to work with. I look forward to working with her in the future.”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
Mikaela Houck
Program Coordinator, UW Technology MBA

“On behalf of the Albers Placement Center team, thank you for doing such a wonderful job of facilitating the etiquette dinner for us. You did a great job of engaging the students and covering a lot of material. We all learned important information we hadn’t heard before. It was such a pleasure partnering with you on this event.”
Megan Spaulding
Manager, Albers Experiential Program, Seattle University

“We hired Arden to give an all-day training on a variety of business etiquette topics. Going into the training the participants were concerned it would be a full day of lecture and dos and don’ts. However, we were pleasantly surprised at how useful and engaging the training was. We liked how Arden had us do role plays, fun exercises and activities that helped teach and cement the material.
Arden is a great trainer. She teaches useful skills that help people to be more polished, professional and at ease in a variety of situations.”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Bill Nolan
CEO, Buildingi

“Arden provided a basic business etiquette workshop for our staff and it was a big success. I know some came in a bit skeptical but all walked away having learned something they could apply immediately. While some of the concepts are not new to people, they saw value in thinking about the importance of how they present and conduct themselves. We hope to have her back for more! I highly recommend Arden for her expertise in the subject.”
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
Ilene Peterson
Internal Communications Manager, BECU

“I’ve seen three of Arden’s presentations. The information she gives on social and business etiquette is relevant to people at all levels of the organizational chart. Her presentations are witty and useful. I’ve heard she also puts on an excellent session for kids. Arden is good people.”
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
Shari Storm
Chief Marketing Officer, Verity Credit Union

“We highly recommend Arden Clise! Arden presented to over 75 students on Networking and Business Etiquette at Seattle Pacific University. Her presentation was dynamic and well-received by the students. She engaged the students, imparted valuable information and was an excellent presenter overall.
Student feedback was very positive, with students expressing they learned a great deal and had fun. We look forward to more etiquette events with Arden and have invited her back to SPU!”
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Christina McCracken
Seattle Pacific University

“I hired Arden to present two webinars for our financial advisors and their staff, Creating First and Lasting Impressions and Networking with Ease. Not only was the material very good and well presented, Arden was able to make a webinar quite interactive, which our audience really enjoyed. Arden is very professional and we would definitely hire her again.”
Karalyn Carlton
Vice President of Marketing, Pacific West Financial Group

“We hired Arden to develop and deliver business etiquette training to our newer employees. The topics she covered were very useful, and are skills our employees use on a regular basis with clients and colleagues. Arden got great reviews from the participants, who said they really enjoyed the presentation and got a lot out of it.
The word ‘etiquette’ can sound off-putting to some people…I appreciate that Arden has a modern and accessible approach to etiquette that our employees can relate to. Arden was also great about working with us to develop the class to meet our goals. I highly recommend her to any company looking to make their staff more polished, professional and confident.”
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity
Andrea Ballard, SPHR
Director of HR & Administration, Peterson Sullivan LLP

“Our company has had the pleasure of working with Arden on more than one occasion and every time it has been a rewarding experience. Arden has trained and advised our diverse team of professionals in the areas of business etiquette and social media. She is knowable and experienced in growing business relationships and has been able to convey to my colleagues the importance of using new tools, e.g LinkedIn, and time-honored mores to improve our company communications.”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Karl Kaluza
Marketing and Communications Director, Member Access Pacific

Individual Coaching

“Before working with Arden I was nervous meeting people for the first time and had low self-confidence. After our work together I am more willing to make the first move and be bold. This has opened the door to business. Working with Arden was a very positive experience for me. I learned things about me that I suspected. I also learned how to slowly correct nervous behavior into confidence.”
Richard Artura

“Once again I’ve presented Arden with a thorny dilemma that was on the edge of crisis and she had the tools and experience to coach, educate and elevate. Arden is one of my most trusted advisors. Working with her is a truly enlightening and joyful experience.”

“Arden is very effective, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I recommend her services to anybody working in today’s business world. It’s not about how far to extend your pinky when drinking tea; it’s about being effective in business, even as an individual contributor.”

Matt Griscom
Software Quality Engineer

“I hired Arden as a networking coach in 2010, and I found her advice practical, relevant, and transformational. I used to be the guy who arrived at networking events, sat down at an empty table and busied myself with my BlackBerry until others joined me. Now, I’m a networking fool. I move toward people, engage people, don’t fear asking “stupid questions.” I found it valuable to attend a networking event with Arden, watch her example, and get feedback on my strengths and opportunities. I highly recommend her coaching services, and I think her graciousness is inspiring.”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
Gary Ford
GLFord Consulting

“Before working with Arden, I was feeling a little  ambiguous and uncertain about my relationships with others. My  communication was good (not great) and I wanted to be a more effective  communicator. After working with Arden, I feel more self-assured. I also  notice that I feel more forgiving with myself and others. I feel more  at ease. My favorite part of the coaching was recognizing qualities in  others that suggest they’ve had training in etiquette: it’s a bit like  joining a club and being able to use the secret handshake in greeting  and conversation.”

“Thank you so very much for helping me polish up and get rid of the college girl! I feel so confident in my new job now!”
Madaline Rutt

“Emily Post and Miss Manners are from a bygone era, and Arden is a smart, modern icon of graciousness.  She cares about kindness, gratitude and humor — not stuffiness, nor elitism.  Recently, when I was planning to present to a large audience, I called on Arden to coach me through my preparation.  She was perceptive in identifying a realistic agenda for focus in our work together, and it made all the difference in my confidence and professionalism. Thanks, Arden!”

“I hired Arden as a business etiquette coach to help me be more confident when giving presentations to larger clients. Arden is easy to work with. She gave me useful feedback while also helping me see and build on my strengths.
We worked on conveying confidence through self-assured body language, word usaage as well as vocal tone and pitch. Since working with Arden, people have commented that my presentations are more confident.”
Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
Penny Woodward
District Manager, Compupay

“I recently hired Arden to work on my networking skills. I had high hopes going into our sessions and she exceeded those hopes. Arden gave me several useful tools to effectively network in various social situations, not just at business events. She also helped me to create an effective elevator speech and lined out a roadmap for better utilizing social media. I recommend Arden to anyone that wants to improve their networking skills and increase their circle of influence.”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Jon Rickey
CEO, Rickey Property Acquisitions Group, LLC

Children’s Etiquette Classes

“Quarters under the arm pits and wiggly worms – just a few things my daughter talked about yesterday. How could this possibly have anything to do with etiquette?
Brie participated in your children’s etiquette workshop and I noticed an immediate improvement later that evening at the dinner table – Brie placed her napkin on her lap and there were no elbows on the table! Thank you Arden, for a thoughtful, engaging class that sends our children home with some great stories and a new set of manners!”
Glynnis Vaughan

“More than just teaching about manners, Modern Manners class really helped my kids understand why we have manners. The kids had a great time and Ms. Clise provided a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for learning. A month later, they are still reminding each other about particular rules of etiquette, especially when dining away from home. Thanks for a great and lasting experience!”
Ross Bunker

“Thank you so much for meeting with my girls and I for etiquette training. I appreciate how fun and relaxed you made it for all of us. My kids and I enjoyed it very much, and as I said I will definitely recommend you to anyone who might need your expertise. Many thanks.”
Rachel Parlette

“I will have my step-daughter Greta take another of Arden’s classes in the future, as I think it was not only beneficial but fun too. The same day Greta took the class, her dinner manners and holding of utensils was completely different. Greta thought the best part of the class was the kids actually got to put their newly taught manners to work while eating a nice lunch.….very worthwhile!”
Robbie Wald

“Thank you so much for Saturday’s class. I listened to Sophia animatedly describe the experience to my mom on the phone last night, and know now that it was a lovely blend of new learnings and underscoring in a fun way things she already knew. She’s asked to shake my hand three times for practice, and yesterday she declared our three day policy for thank you notes far too long!
Very much appreciated all you shared with Sophia.”
Anne Tillery