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Speaking tips from the Academy Awards

microphone-spotlightDid you watch the Academy Awards this year? I thought it was a bit of snooze. Chris Rock had some funny moments – I loved the Girl Scouts cookie sales part – and some important messages about recognizing black films and those who make them. But, overall it wasn’t the most exciting Academy Awards show I’ve seen. Continue reading “Speaking tips from the Academy Awards” »

Inspiration through World Domination

WDS 2014, Armosa Studios

WDS 2014, Armosa Studios

I just returned from spending four days in Portland, Oregon for the 2014 World Domination Summit. You might wonder what an etiquette consultant was doing at something having to do with world domination. I wondered too when I arrived. Despite my friend Beth Buelow’s gushing about how wonderful the 2013 Summit was I was sure I had stepped into some sort of revolutionary cult – a cult of starry eyed young people full of naïve optimism about changing the world. Continue reading “Inspiration through World Domination” »

My armchair musings of the Academy Awards

oscars[1]As I usually do, I love to share my Oscars musings. There are always great lessons to learn from this big event. Continue reading “My armchair musings of the Academy Awards” »

Being vulnerable

I met a colleague, Lynn Baldwin-Rhoades, for coffee recently. She is the president of Power Chicks International, a wonderful online and in-person networking and resource organization for women.

Lynn is someone I know and like but didn’t know well. I felt like we both wanted a deeper connection with each other.

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It was all in my head

Tuesday I had the honor of being a guest on KING 5 TV’s New Day Northwest. I was invited to talk about social media etiquette. (See segment here.) This was my second time being on the show, and knowing what to expect and how to prepare made me much calmer. However, once I was sitting on stage with Margaret Larson, the gracious show host, with the cameras rolling my nerves awoke.

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It’s all in the details

One of the things I love, and sometimes am overwhelmed by, is etiquette is all about the details. When I’m giving a training, on say dining etiquette, I always get questions about the littlest things such as “If I take something like an olive pit out of my mouth where do I put it?” It can sometimes seem silly to care about such seemingly little details, but when it makes you and others around you more comfortable those details matter.

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The F-word and other no nos at the Academy Awards

I love the Academy Awards. Every year I get together with a group of friends to watch and share our thoughts on the awards show. This year, I was with a different group of friends, in celebration of a pal’s birthday, but the critiquing was just as serious. 

As I did last year, I’d like to share the lessons we can learn from the mannerly and not so mannerly behaviors witnessed at the event. 

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How I survived my first TV appearance

In business, as in life, there are firsts. Our first interview, our first presentation, the first time managing people, etc. The firsts are always scarier because of the unknown. We haven’t experienced it before and we don’t know what to expect. We may not know everything we need to know to be good at the task and that’s the hard part. Often with firsts we have to learn by doing.

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The Nervous Speaker

I was meeting with a colleague the other day and we were sharing what services we offer. When I mentioned I teach a public speaking seminar he said “Oh, I could use that.” I had to pause because I attended a presentation he gave and I thought he did a great job, which I shared with him.

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The Academy Awards: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

As I do every year, I watched the Academy Awards with a few friends. We meet at one friend’s house, enjoy a potluck dinner and gab about the dresses, the emcee(s), the Academy winners and losers. This year had its usual fill of beautiful and not so beautiful moments. We can learn many etiquette lessons by watching the Academy Awards.  Here are my notes on the good, the bad and the ugly moments of this year’s show.

Let’s start with the “Bad”

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