Not your grandmother’s etiquette

Hello and welcome to the Clise Etiquette blog, a place to discuss savvy and not so savvy decorum. Etiquette may sound like a stuffy or old fashioned topic, but it’s really just about making yourself and others more comfortable and successful by being respectful, kind and professional.

I am a business etiquette consultant, speaker, trainer, coach and columnist for the Puget Sound Business Journal . I share etiquette and protocol tips, stories and techniques that you can use to feel more confident, at ease and successful in the workplace and socially.

I invite you to share your thoughts and questions on the situations in life that confuse you, anger you, give you pause or make you proud. Please feel free to let me know if there are topics you’d like me to discuss or hear more about. Some of my best posts come from questions or stories readers share with me.

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The impossible quest for perfection

NunFor a short time growing up I wanted to be a nun. There was something about their piousness that fed my perfectionist tendencies – my need to always be good and loving. But in fourth grade at Catholic school one of my teachers was a yelling, patronizing nun so my notion that habit-clad women were perfect quickly evaporated. Besides that, I liked boys. So, I married my soul mate and became an etiquette consultant instead. Yes, it took me more than 40 years to do so, but I think there was something about the yearning to be perfect and good that still called to me. Continue reading “The impossible quest for perfection” »

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A surprising benefit of LinkedIn

Reaching For A HomeA friend of mine recently moved from Seattle to San Diego. It was a big move. She left her job, her friends and her house to start a new life. Before she left, she looked for houses to rent online, and had a friend who lives in San Diego look at the more promising homes. She then submitted her application with a nice email. Continue reading “A surprising benefit of LinkedIn” »

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A fun way to stand out from the crowd

MP900309183[1]There is nothing better than getting a handwritten card in the mail. It’s the first piece of mail I open and it’s usually the last item I recycle. In fact, I usually hold onto hand scribed notes for at least a few days, and every time I see the card I think of the person who sent it to me.

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Dealing with rude, unhelpful service people

MP900285144[1]What is your boiling point? Are you one of those people who are able to stay patiently pleasant even when faced with rudeness and unhelpfulness? Or, when dealing with maddening situations do you find it easy to lose your cool?

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Inspiration through World Domination

WDS 2014, Armosa Studios

WDS 2014, Armosa Studios

I just returned from spending four days in Portland, Oregon for the 2014 World Domination Summit. You might wonder what an etiquette consultant was doing at something having to do with world domination. I wondered too when I arrived. Despite my friend Beth Buelow’s gushing about how wonderful the 2013 Summit was I was sure I had stepped into some sort of revolutionary cult – a cult of starry eyed young people full of naïve optimism about changing the world. Continue reading “Inspiration through World Domination” »

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Seven tips to navigate the company picnic

Family Standing Behind a Car at a Picnic SpotIt’s summer time and the living is good – vacations, casual clothes and the company picnic. Ah yes, that annual event fraught with many perils.

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The smart phone disease

Elevator Cell PhoneWhy is it that we dislike it when others use their phone when they are meeting with us, in a movie theater or driving, yet so often we do the same? I think it’s because the allure of the phone is often too much to ignore. Research has shown we get a dopamine hit when we answer a text or look at Twitter on the phone. No wonder it’s hard to ignore.

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Restaurant and wait staff pet peeves

If I had a dollar for every time someone complained to me about the service they received at a restaurant I would be a rich woman. It does seem to be a rare occurrence to get great, attentive service at a dining establishment these days.

Here are some of the complaints I’ve heard.

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The etiquette for a shoe free home

shoes offIt seems more and more households are going shoe free. So, it was timely when I received an email from a Clise Etiquette newsletter reader who asked me about the etiquette of asking people to remove their shoes in your home. A general contractor, he also queried whether he should offer to take his shoes off and/or put on shoe covers when entering someone’s home when on duty.

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Why I became an etiquette consultant

Gasworks arms crossed croppedI’m often asked how I became an etiquette consultant. After all, it’s not every day someone becomes an etiquette expert. And, if some knew me in my rebellious, wild twenties they might be even more surprised I ended up doing what I do.

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