A fun way to stand out from the crowd

MP900309183[1]There is nothing better than getting a handwritten card in the mail. It’s the first piece of mail I open and it’s usually the last item I recycle. In fact, I usually hold onto hand scribed notes for at least a few days, and every time I see the card I think of the person who sent it to me.

Because so few people send handwritten notes those who do really stand out, whether it’s for business – a thank you note after an interview, a congratulatory message to a colleague, a thanks for your business to a client – or for social occasions.

My dad started me on the tradition of sending notes. 81 years old and he still writes me messages on white flat cards (also called correspondence cards) printed with his name. I always treasure those notes. The message is usually something simple like “I’m proud of you”, or “Thought you might enjoy this article”, but they mean the world to me. And, they encouraged me to get my own personalized stationery.

One of my favorite online stationery stores is FineStationery.com. They have such a great selection of stationery and cards. And, I love how easy it is to choose what I want and get it personalized, if I so choose. I have stationery printed with just my name; my name and business name; and, cards with my husband’s and my name which we send to people to thank them for inviting us to dinner or after we’ve received a gift or a favor. I also love to have on hand blank cards with interesting designs that I can send for just about any occasion.

I was excited to see FineStationery.com has a new line of stationery with a variety of fun designs and products. The brand is Rifle Paper Co. and apparently it’s carried by some of the upscale stores – West Elm, Anthropologie and the famous French boutique, Collette. The line features hand drawn illustrations and playful typography.

As I read about the line I learned that all of the Rifle Paper Co. paper products are printed in the USA and assembled by hand in their studio. That’s cool.

Here are the items I particularly like:

The Lemon Recipe Card. Your friends would love getting your famous brownie recipe on these darling cards.

The Emerald Peonies Gift Tags. These fun tags are great for birthdays, weddings and showers.


The Assorted French Box Set. The 1960s inspired illustrations and French words make these whimsical cards truly unusual. Because they are blank inside these would be great for sending thank you notes, invitations, and thinking of you notes.

The Vintage Floral Notebook Set. Notebooks are always handy to have, and they make great gifts. I’m a huge fan of florals, and these are elegant yet modern.

Do you like to write handwritten notes? Do you have a favorite stationery store or brand? Please share. I always love learning about fun ways I can delight people.


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